Botswana: Doubt Over IEC Preparedness

26 Jun 2019 - 10:58:53
[The Patriot] Doubt has been cast on the level of preparedness of the elections management body, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in delivering free and fair elections come October amid an avalanche of challenges. Source

South Africa: Video Surveillance and Cybersecurity, Part Two - Chinese Cyber Espionage Is a Real Threat

26 Jun 2019 - 10:39:45
[Daily Maverick] Chinese surveillance giant Hikvision has sold thousands of security cameras in South Africa and soon Joburg's suburbs will see an unprecedented increase of Hikvision's presence. But their products, along with Huawei and ZTE, face a ban in the United States following rising fears of Chinese cyber espionage. Unlike the US, however, South Africa's State Security Agency - with its own shady past - has enjoyed a close relationship with China's security forces. Daily Maverick delved into the details of the US ba Source