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Mobile phones are replacing bank accounts in Africa

2019-08-13 10:27:38
Sub-Saharan Africa has more mobile-money accounts than anywhere else in the world with about 396 million registered users at the end of 2018, a 14% increase from a year earlier, according to the GSM Association. Source

Huawei's founder wants an 'invincible iron army' to fight US

2019-08-12 08:54:17
Huawei Technologies' billionaire founder intends to kick off a three- to five-year overhaul of the networking giant, creating an 'iron army' that can help it survive an American onslaught while protecting its lead in next-generation wireless. Source

WATCH: Huawei laying off majority of US unit - source

2019-07-23 12:05:14
FutureWei Technologies, the US research arm of China’s Huawei, began laying off workers on Monday, according to employees including one who spoke to Reuters as he left the company’s Silicon Valley campus. Source