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Zimbabwe: Bloody, Violent Easter for Beitbridge

2019-04-22 15:44:09
[Zimbabwe Standard] Beitbridge recorded one of the bloodiest Good Friday holidays this year with one person killed and up to 16 seriously injured with stab wounds in widespread violent crimes in the district. Source

Mozambique: Voter Registration Still Has Not Started in Many Places

2019-04-22 15:43:53
[Mozambique News Reports And Clippings] One week after the official start of registration, our correspondents report that people are unable to register at many posts. Some posts have never opened, while others closed in the first three days. Problems remain with registration kit failures, lack of electricity or batteries, and the cyclone, Registration runs for 6 weeks, which still leaves time to solve problems. But would-be voters are arriving at registration posts, only to be turned away. Source

Mozambique: Dozens of Registration Posts Not Open Due to Cyclone Idai

2019-04-22 15:40:56
[Mozambique News Reports And Clippings] Flooded roads and neighbourhoods, destroyed schools and power lines down have prevented registration brigades from starting work in some parts of Sofala and Manica in zones affected by Cyclone Idai. Registration was already delayed by two weeks, but it was not enough in some places. But tents, temporary structures, canoes and local improvisation mean registration has started in most places in the cyclone and flood affected areas. Source

Zimbabwe: Chamisa Clinches Victory

2019-04-22 15:27:14
[Zimbabwe Standard] MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is two nominations away from clinching an uncontested presidency at the May 24 congress when the party meets to elect a new leadership, including a substantive replacement of its late president Morgan Tsvangirai. Source

Zimbabwe: Opposition Will Not Observe Ballot Paper Printing - Mangwana

2019-04-22 14:31:16
[Zimbabwe Standard] Zanu-PF legal affairs secretary and party representative in the political party dialogue, Paul Mangwana (PM), has justified the presence of ex-military generals in the ruling party politburo. Mangwana spoke to our Senior Reporter, Blessed Mhlanga (BM), in a recent interview covering various issues including reports of division in the ruling party and the ongoing political dialogue. Below are excerpts from the interview. Source